About RSA


Rapidan Service Authority was organized as a regional service authority in 1969.  Each Member County’s Board of Supervisors appoints representatives to serve on the RSA Board of Members.  The Authority’s chartered responsibility in its geographical area is the provision of water, sewer, and solid waste services. Currently, RSA serves Madison and Orange Counties.

The participating counties have no ongoing financial responsibility to the Authority.  The Authority is perpetual and no participating county has access to either its resources or surpluses, nor is any county liable for the Authority’s debts or deficits.  The Authority has the ability to finance its capital projects through user charges or the sale of revenue bonds.  The Authority is not a component unit of any of the participating counties.

Services Provided

RSA provides service to over 5,000 homes and businesses within its service area.  In Madison County, water and sewer service is available primarily within the Town limits and its immediate surroundings.  In Orange County, RSA provides water service along Route 15 to the Town of Gordonsville and the Route 20 airport area.  Sewer service is available in the Town of Gordonsville.  On the Eastern end of Orange County, water and sewer service is provided in Lake of the Woods, Wilderness Shores, Somerset Farms, and along the Route 3 corridor.

RSA maintains its water and sewer facilities through its own operation and maintenance program.  Other responsibilities include constructing extensions, upgrading existing facilities, and inspecting its water distribution and sewer collection systems installed by developers.  RSA maintains all contributed and constructed facilities.


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