Sewer Exoneration Application

If you have experienced a leak in or around your home, you may apply for an exoneration from up to three months of excess sewer charges. Please provide all repair receipts for materials and labor along with your application. Once you have submitted the form below, please allow for 90 days processing time.  This period allows RSA to monitor usage in the months following your leak to ensure that you receive the maximum credit possible for excess sewer charges.

What to pay in the meantime:
All water charges are due as billed.  Customers are responsible for all water that passes through their meter.
Additionally, RSA recommends that exoneration applicants pay their average sewer charge (12-month average) for the months in question.
If the application is approved, late fees for the duration of the pending exoneration will be reversed and the excess sewer charges will be credited back to the account.

Be sure to contact your local office if you would like to disable Auto Pay during the exoneration processing period.  Your balance will not be modified until the exoneration process is complete.