Service Area

RSA provides service to over 8,500 homes and businesses through approximately 329 miles of water and sewer mains along with eight water and wastewater plants within its chartered service area.  In Greene County, water service is available in and around the Ruckersville and Stanardsville areas.  Sewer service is provided in the Town of Stanardsville and the surrounding area as well as the commercial area of Route 29 in Ruckersville.  Water and sewer service in Madison County is available primarily within the Town limits and its immediate surroundings.  In Orange County, RSA provides water service along Route 15 to the Town of Gordonsville and the Route 20 airport area.  Sewer service is available in the Town of Gordonsville.  On the Eastern end of Orange County, water and sewer service is provided in Lake of the Woods, Wilderness Shores, Somerset Farms, and along the Route 3 corridor.

For more precise information regarding availability, please contact your local RSA office.

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Gordonsville, Va

In the Town of Gordonsville, RSA only provides sewer services.

Greene, Va

RSA provides water and sewer service to Ruckersville and Stanardsville.

Locust Grove, Va

RSA provides water and sewer services in Locust Grove along Rt 3.

Madison, Va

RSA provides water and sewer services in and around the Town of Madison.

Orange, Va

On Rt. 20 East of the Town of Orange and Rt. 15 between Orange and Gordonsville, RSA provides water services only.