Connection & Availability Fees

New connections to Rapidan Service Authority's water or sewer systems are subject to review by RSA and other local authorities.  Availability Charges will be assessed per EDU, if not already collected for the property in question.  Once these charges have been collected and formal plans for connecting to RSA's infrastructure have been approved, additional Connection Costs will apply to cover the cost of making the connection.


Availability Fee: $10,000 per EDU (water) and $10,000 per EDU (sewer)

Connection Fee: varies depending on location.  Contact RSA's Engineering Department for more information.



"Availability Charge" is that fee payable for the purpose of having the Authority's utility service available to the specific unit and is intended to defray, in part, the capital cost of major water and/or sewer supply, collection, disposal, treatment, transmission and storage facilities.  The availability charge runs with the land.  The availability charge does not include connection costs.

"Connection Costs" are those costs incurred in making any physical connection to the Authority's utility system and include the meter, meter installation and labor.  The connection costs shall be borne entirely by the Applicant, and shall include an inspection fee, determined by the General Manager and/or the Board, to cover the Authority's supervision and inspection of the connection.

"Equivalent Dwelling Unit" (EDU) is a specific volume of water or sewer usage set by RSA, from time to time, based on actual usage experience or other appropriate data. An EDU generally represents the volume of water or sewer used by a single family.  EDU calculations are made at the sole discretion of RSA management.