Service Line Inventory

Rapidan Service Authority (RSA) is currently developing an inventory of all water service lines in its service areas. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revised the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) to require all public water systems to determine the pipe materials used for service lines. Those who receive drinking water through lead pipes are at a much higher risk of consuming dangerous levels of lead. Please visit the Lead Awareness page of our website for more information about lead.

Most water systems have not previously developed a centralized database of pipe materials, so this is a significant undertaking for RSA and other utilities across the country. We are asking customers with homes built before 1979 to assist us by completing a short survey. The information you provide will be used alongside existing records and findings from field crew investigations to make our inventory as complete and accurate as possible.

Orange County residents can find the build date of their home using the website linked here.
Madison County residents can find the build date of their home using the website linked here.




The service line is composed of "public" and "private" pipes. RSA must identify materials for the entire service line due to EPA requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a newer home. Should I be worried about lead pipes?

If your home was built in 1979 or later, it is highly unlikely that you have a lead service line.

On August 1, 1978, the US Building Code was amended to ban lead service lines. In June of 1988, a Federal lead ban outlawed use of any plumbing materials containing > 8% lead.

RSA is not currently aware of any lead pipes on the "public" side of its meters.

If you do not know when your home was built, you can use the links below:
Orange County residents
Madison County residents

My property was built before 1979. How can I determine if my service line is made of lead?

The following records may be available to help confirm the service line materials: 
- Homeowner Inspection Reports
- Contractor/Plumbing Reports
- Building Plans or Building Permit documents
- Service Line Replacement Records

You may also conduct a physical test on the pipe entering your home to determine the material. See this guide.

I have determined my service line's material. What should I do with this information?

Please complete this survey. The information you provide to RSA will be used to develop the Service Line Inventory.

If you decide to replace your service line, please inform RSA of your plans so that our records may be updated accordingly. 

When will RSA finish its inventory of service line materials?

A preliminary inventory is due to the Virginia Department of Health in October of 2024. However, we are required to keep improving the inventory and updating it with new information.

If your home was built before 1979 and you have not yet submitted a Service Line Material Survey, please do so now using this link.

Will RSA need access to my home or property to complete this inventory?

In some cases, plumbing materials will need to be "field verified" - meaning that RSA or contracted crews must investigate on the customer's side of the meter via excavation or other means.

By providing service line material data to RSA now, this field verification will likely not be necessary. 

Complete the Survey Now

How can I reduce the risk of lead exposure in my home?

Please visit this page on our website for more information about lead and tips on reducing your exposure.