Proposed Projects

Below are Capital Improvement projects planned by RSA over the next 10 years. As these projects begin, we will move them to Current Projects on this web site.

  • Madison Water/Sewer Systems


    Mud Road Water Line Replacement
    Replace Outfall Line
    Upgrade Pig & Steak Pump Station
    Replace/Repair Main St. Sewer Line


  • Greene Water/Sewer Systems


    Replace 2000 feet of 4" water main with an 8" water main on Lake Saponi Drive
    Replace 3,000 ft. of 6" water main along Locust Lane including 53 service connections and 3 fire hydrants
    Install a 12" water main along Rt. 33 to Ruckersville
    Install a 12" water main to bypass the Rt 33/29 intersection.
    Install 7000 feet of 12" water main loop from Rt. 29 to Rt. 607.
    Install 13,000 feet of 12" water main from Rt. 607 to Preddy Creek Subdivision.
    Replace the old 8" transmission main with a new 12" transmission main Ruckersville
    Replace the 1933 cast iron water pipe in Stanardsville
    Replace the 2.25" cast iron water pipe from Stanardsville towards Lydia with 4" water pipe.
    Replace the old 6" transmission main with 10,000 feet of new 12" transmission main on Rt.33 west to Stanardsville.
    Sewer Main Rt. 33 To Nursing Home
    Repair Aging Sewer Mains -  Stanardsville
    Upgrade Sewer Force Mains In Greene Mountain Lake
  • Orange Water/Sewer Systems


    *RT. 20*
    Repaint Porter Road Tank
    Install New 10" Gate Valves Rt. 20
    Replace Old Service Taps  Rt. 20
    Replace Gate Valves Rt. 15
    Install New Air Release Valves Rt. 15
    Replace Water Main Transmission Line Rt. 15

    Repaint Sedwick Tank

    Replace Willis Court 2" water line


    New Emergency Generators For Pump Stations 
    Replace Force Mains N, H, G, & I 
    Vacuum Pump Station Rehabilitation
    1000' 8" Water Line To Connect Battlefield To Monticello 
    Connect Rt. 3 To Eastover Waterline
    Replace Old Service Taps 
    Install New Mains As Necessary
    Tank Painting - Wilderness Shores Way
    Complete Yorktown Water Main Tie Ins
    Manhole Rehabilitation
    TV Gravity Sewer Lines
    Charles St. 8" Sewer Main Replacement
    Upgrade Charles St. Pump Station Wetwell
    Upgrade Baker St. Pump Station
    Replace/Reline Gravity Sewer Lines - Inflow & Infiltration Rehabilitation